Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

An Application Service Provider (ASP) is a business that provides management and distribution of computer-based services and solutions to customers across a wide area network. Sometimes it is called On-demand software. For example: providing access to a particular program using HTML or other meant of business applications.

In short, every organization requires business application to help them to run their business. The choice is very obvious, that is to purchase the application and going through all the necessary implementation process or to run the application without having to purchase by obtaining ASP services. Both results could be the same; nevertheless, the cost structure could be completely different. Purchasing the application means you are engaging a permanent cost with all the risks of having failure. BPO on the other hand, you don’t have to committee an expensive initial cost and have to go through the pain of implementation process.  Therefore, you can very well leverage the risk, the cost, and failure. Should the application not suitable to your need, you can call it off at any time.


  • Pay-As far-Time-Usage: ASP will attract a monthly rental fee that can help to spread costs. Pay what you most need.
  • There is no extra cost: you do not need to pay for expensive hardware, IT Specialist support staff or system development.Maintenance and upgrading of software is included in it
  • Access: Connect from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a browser. If necessary, you can use your smart phone or tablet (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Notes, etc.) to access it.
  • Use existing hardware: You can run the application in a browser and your existing computer. There is no state of the art computer / notebook is necessary. Along computer / notebook can access the internet, it is enough.
  • The latest technology: With the ASP, the same as you use the most current technology and applications. You also do not need to invest an expensive server, license fees, hosting fees, maintenance costs, and the cost of co-location.
  • Time to Market: Distribution of faster / Ease in setting.
  • Suitable for all types of organizations: If the cost of ASP flexible, for example, the size of the database and small charities may undertakes to use the software. In fact, the cost of software that large and expensive prohibit its use in small organizations.
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO): If you buy the software you need to increase the weighting of all the software purchase costs associated with hardware, equipment, renewal ability and so on. Renting software through an ASP may be cheaper..


  • ExcelACC ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning applications with rapid implementation. It covered almost all aspects of running your business, such as Finance, Accounting, Inventory Control, Sales Local Flow, Flow Import, Production Control, Fixed Assets Management, and so forth.
  • HRMS & Payroll System: This could be the basic applications in which every organization should have it. We provide Human Resource Management System and Payroll system complete with all required modules
  • Employee Self Service: This application allows you to provide services Employee Self Service with a quick response. You can allow employees to print their pay slips, off license, print the form of the company, check the company agenda, reading the news of the company, changed the personal information of employees, and so forth.
  • Taxcalc: Small and Medium Payroll Application. This application can help you to your payment processing needs daily, monthly taxes filed, did the bank transfer, and so forth. This app will automatically help you calculate and store the annual income tax to the government
  • Integrated School System: If you run a business in the form of school education, let Excelsoft help you to organize your entire school system to you. We have a school management system applications are the most complete. This product consists of 12 blocks crucial where each school is required to have, such as the School Grading System, School Observation System, School Academic System, Student Attendance System, Billing System School, School Collection System, School – Parents Communication System, School pickup system, School Fixed Asset system, School Financial / Accounting system, School system Procurement, School Inventory system, Cash Management system, and so forth. For more information you can check the Integrated School System in our Product menu.
  • Fixed Asset Management System (Pro16): This application helps you to manage all your assets, not just browse then record each transaction related to the assets, but also the whole purpose of calculating the depreciation of assets and journals. For more information you can check on our Product menu.