Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

ExcelSoft® Payroll Outsourcing is a payroll service that handles your entire corporate needs, such as preparing, calculating, filling, and printing all necessary payroll report

Ever since it was established in 1997, we have received a letter of recommendation from company like General Motor Corporation, Philips, Givaudan, Singapore Telecom, etc. Excelsoft also received highest non-ISO rating (3.94/4.0) from General Corporation as qualified vendor. After 10 years of service, we received highest recommendation of flawlessly services to the company.

Not only that our service consider to be the most compatitive in town (with only Rp.3.4million /month), we provide the most thorough services, such as processing payroll needs, corporate reporting, audit compliance, tax payment to banks, tax filling to KPP, payment to Jamsostek, payment to BPJS, etc. Therefore, you focus in your core business and let us help you in HR & Payroll matters. 

Main Features

  • Provides thorough solution for your payroll needs
  • Handle multiple NPWP/tax number
  • Handle any calculation type (Net/Gross/Net-on-gross)
  • Handle complete bank transfer to employees
  • Handle monthly and yearly tax filling to the government
  • Print employee’s payslip, summary, bank transfer, jamsostek, and tax forms
  • Provide complete and secure payroll filling
  • Produce complete payroll journal report or EDI format for Ledger interface
  • Produce all kind of corporate analytical reports
  • Free easy-to-use software interface to upload payroll data


  • Monthly Payslip in secure envelope
  • Employee’s statistical reports
  • Monthly payroll summary
  • Complete Jamsostek reports
  • Direct Bank transfer handling
  • Provide complete government tax filling
  • SSP
  • Report to Jamsostek, BPJS
  • Process, Pay, and Fill monthly Tax

Key Issues

Payroll processing and tax handling have always been a trivial process for every company. Not only it required many qualified personnel to process the payroll but also they have to keep up with government tax rules and regulation that have always kept changing. However, it is absolutely not an option for non-compliance.

Excelsoft payroll outsourcing might be just the service that can help you. This service makes the payroll processing and tax handling become simple without acquiring many expensive personnel. Now you can relax and focus in your core competency and let your entire payroll and tax needs being handled by qualified personnel.

Excelsoft will help to calculate the most basic items, such as overtime to complete tax computation. The complete salary will be transferred directly to your employees. Monthly employee tax withholding will be paid and file to the government, and complete reports (including employees payslip) will be sent to you.

Additioal benefits of our service

  • Free entrance for yearly tax seminar and user conference
  • Professional tax officer to handle your entire corporate account
  • Established Manual Of Operation for handling your payroll (ISO 9002 compliance)
  • Complete confidential and security
  • Provide consultancy for tax handling