Case Study

  • Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
    Yamaha Motor (Nikkei Listed) is the second largest motor company in Indonesia with the production volume reaching 1.5 millions units per year (2004 figures) with almost 24 hrs production cycle. In 2001, Yamaha was looking for a better and more robust financial and accounting system to replace their existing one which was no longer suitable to their ever demanding requirements. The integration between systems, such as productions, sales, taxations, inventories, and financial systems became tedious, complex, and irrelevant. Double inputting existed within departments and consolidation became nightmare.
    Excelsoft product, ExcelACC Financial & Accounting System was then introduced and trusted to provide better solutions in such intense requirements and expectations.After thorough study of their existing process and system, Excelsoft restructured the business process workflow, reporting, production integration, and financial/accounting. After total made over the existing chart of account, reporting formats, and better collaboration within departments by establishing a newer SOP and policy. ExcelACC was then being introduced, trained, and implemented. After working closely to smooth out all glitches existed within personnel and departments, the system was then (still is) working smoothly and resulting a faster and accurate output with happier personnel. It is now being used by all departments and having over 140 concurrent users daily. The total completion time frame was 6 months. Ever since, many other continuation services were requested by Yamaha to Excelsoft.
  • KDS Manufacturing
    KDS Manufacturing (Nikkei listed) is one of the four largest crystal maker in the world with capitalization of over 150 millions US dollars, supplying companies like Nokia and Sony. The initial complain was that they were having difficulty in providing the 14 ‘must have’ standard reports to Japan. It seems that they could not get much out of the existing system, Sun Micro System. These mandatory reports consist of production costing reports, project costing reports, cash flow reports, financial reports, production comparative reports, and accounting reports.

    Initially, expectations and goals were clearly set; however, client did not have any idea on how to go about achieving it. After series of meeting, the requirements were being documented and studied by our team. Thorough planning and implementation strategy were also being introduced. The implementation was then successfully being carried out in less than 2 months. Excelsoft was able to generate all the mandatory reports (total of 14 different types) without having to modify the standard system. KDS can now directly produce the reports from automatic MS Excel Sheet without having to type any single numbers. Yet, the automated sheet is linked and refreshed every few seconds to reflex the actual data. The users were deeply impressed and rejoiced for their daily agonizing routine has been lifted.

    We were told that these ’14 reports’ took 3 -4 weeks to produce in Tokyo head office. The Indonesian office was able to produce within 2 weeks for they have more manpower. Now, the director quoted “now I will print the reports few minutes before the meeting”
  • American Express Bank
    In year 2000, Excelsoft was invited to compete to provide a solution to American Express Bank (NYSE listed) in resolving some of the problem in fixed assets, such as managing and organizing the assets, assets revaluation, Indonesian tax compliance, Amex internal auditing requirement, Amex financial & Accounting requirement, and system audit requirement. After competing with many software solutions and provider from both local and overseas products, Excelsoft Fixed Assets was selected and trusted to provide the solution after a vicious selection on the products features, supports, client feedback, and qualification.
    Thereafter, our product is still being used to register, organize, and analyst thousand of assets from office buildings, computers, furniture, to credit card machines. Every year, our product is being audited by system auditor to ensure the compliance to both internal and external auditor. One of the internal auditor commented “I like the system. It is very user friendly but yet comprehensive. They [head office] should recommend the system to be used worldwide or at least around the region”. Excelsoft took it as a true complement.


Excelsoft has gained a lot of experience in delivering result for medium to large corporation who demand a fast and rapid implementation. Although Excelsoft product is not designed to compete with SAP or alike, the software has been evolved to a well-defined and integrated financial & accounting package – covering every need of finance, accounting, production, purchasing, and distribution. For the market segment that requires fewer requirements, having limited budget, and desiring rapid implementation is tremendously big and still rising. Therefore, it is worth to go into.